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Medieval-bound wrap leather journals—faking the look and feel of…

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Medieval-bound wrap leather journals—faking the look and feel of hand-pulled paper using wood rasps to "sand" the edges of the pages soft, ragged, and irregular, instead of the straight-cut block. The toothbrush is for clearing away crumbs and fragments.

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On September 24th, 2011 02:00 am (UTC), arliss replied:
Well, here's the thing. These? Are not that expensive. Because...I don't know why. They use regular watermarked paper, rather than the fancy hand-pulled stuff. And the covers are split hide leather, rather than "bonded" (leather scraps pulverized and mixed with water and glue, spread onto a cloth backing to dry, then cut to cover size) leather. But they're not as pricey as a lot of hand-bound journals--under $20, even for the larger size. Softening the page edges gives them the look of more expensive journals. Plus, I like how supple and yielding the book is, once the page edges have been roughed out.
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