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A number of things have been changing in my life, and as they do, I feel it's time to acknowledge the good things that have happened. So I'm about to go hunt down some really pretty stationery, and start writing letters to the musicians and dancers I admire.

Nothing major: just along the lines of, "I've admired your work for XX years, and I just wanted to say thank you." I think it would be a good thing, and even in this age of paranoia, a hand-written note means a lot.

Anyone else want to join in, maybe make it thing where we report back here on what we used in terms of paper and ink?

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i got this last year -- after years of thinking about it i figured if you covet something for that long the outrageous price seems less of an issue. it came with a medium nib which does nothing for me, i sent it to delta and they replaced it with a fine (free). it is a Thing of Great Beauty but it's just a tad too thick to be comfortable for long periods of time. And it doesn't write as well as this Esterbrook I got for $10, but sometimes you have something because it's beautiful, and sometimes you have something because it's useful.

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CROSS-POSTED from my own LJ; apologies to those of you who see this twice, but I thought it might appeal to members of this lovely community!

I mentioned on Twitter recently that my very dear friend and Good Twin Debbie (champers) has opened a webstore on the wondrous site that is Etsy, through which she is selling her handmade notebooks. This morning, I received my Xmas pressie from her - one of the aforementioned notebooks - and I absolutely love it to pieces; it's easily the most beautiful piece of stationery I own. Of course, I realise that it could be argued that I'd be bound to say that, so in a bid to prove my point I thought I'd give you a little photo tour of my notebook. All pics were taken on my phone, so they're not the best, but hopefully they'll give you all a taster.

Ophelia notebook by The Glitter Bunny - front cover
Front cover. As you can see, this is an Ophelia-themed notebook, and the cover features Alexandre Cabanel's painting of the character, along with a quote from Shakespeare's Hamlet. The little title panel has been left blank for me to fill in as I choose, and the trim around the edges is ribbon printed with dictionary definitions of words that seem apt for an Ophelia theme, like daughter, love and (somewhat ironically) happiness.

More picsCollapse )

There's an ongoing floral motif throughout the book (paper prints, adornments etc), which is obviously in keeping with the Ophelia theme as well, and as you can see, I'm not just biased because Debbie's my mate - it really is a gorgeous notebook! If you'd like to check out more of her stuff, you can visit her Etsy shop (she has a number of notebooks listed, and she may do custom orders as well, although I'm not sure - you'll have to ask her), and/or follow her on Twitter @theglitterbunny.

Fanks, me Twin! xxx
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I just joined, hi.

To give you an idea of what sort of person I am... I went to a Michael's craft store and found the paper section a few nights ago. I spent twenty minutes touching paper. :P

I do have a question for the community. I think you'd be a good place to ask, hopefully.

I've had some experience with calligraphy (Western). I've had two different cheap kits now - plastic pen casings and scratchy, bendable nibs, I'm sure you know the type.

I'd like to get another, better-quality kit for Christmas, or at least a really nice calligraphic pen. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Hey Stationary Pervs! I just saw this via the internets. Is it wrong to be drooling at the idea of all this new stuff?!? I am already spending money in my head!

Lust, thy name is Moleskine!

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Hi all :)
Been going through my stationery stuff again and i thought that it might be time for doing swaps again. I got envelopes and Diddl- stuff (sheets, envies, small memo pads (not full)… etc) that I’d like to swap for stationery sheets (anything but Diddl… ) and stickers. If you got something else you’d like to swap for then ask me cos I might still be interested. Hehe. I’m not too picky.
If you are interested you can either write to me here or at my email: lene_is_insane AT hotmail DOT com

Hope to hear from lots of people

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It's nearly the end of February, and you know what that means:

People like myself who have a compulsion to buy calendars/diaries/agendas can get them at bargain prices now!

I recently spied a classmate of mine writing in her Polestar Business Calendar during a Criminology lecture, and I just had to check out Polestar's website! Click here to see one of their particularly nice offerings, the "Balanced Life" calendar.

Although my life is anything but balanced, I do like the page layout of that one.

Those of you who are more artistic and less linear might like the Sundial Agenda by Picadilly Journals.

And if you do buy one now, you can always go back and fill in the appointments you had in January and February for consistency's sake. I certainly won't tell anyone that you didn't start with your new appointment book on December 31st!
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I'm mainly mentioning this for _ishtahar_, but today at Staples, I was perusing the clearance bin, and found these pens, called Foo WriterZ! Hahaha, I think any dedicated Foo Fighters fan should have Foo WriterZ pens, no?

(Actually, you probably don't. You probably think that they are in the clearance bin because Foo Fighters had a cease-and-desist order laid against the Foohy pen company. I don't know for sure.)

Anyway, since I love a bold pen - these claim to be 1.2mm, but I think they are more like a 0.7mm - I couldn't resist. They're cute and fun, and they were cheap! $1.97 for 5 pens.
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Most of my friends and family know that I am a Stationery Perv, so I tend to get at least one journal every Christmas.

But since I am also a pen fanatic, these gold-barreled pens at www.fredflare.com are high up on my wish list this year!

What stationery goodies are you craving this year?

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